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Marti's Art
Stoneware covered pot - 2005
Stoneware covered pot - 2005 (22"H)

"1903" - Acrylic on Canvas - 2004
"1903" - Acrylic on Canvas - 2004

"Jim" acrylic on canvas - commission portrait 2005 24" by 36"

Welcome to Marti's web site!

Marti Nash is a professional artist. This site shows artwork she has created in different media and subjects. Information on how to contact Marti for purshasing artwork or commissioning your own is also available.

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"Self Portrait"  Pastel - 2003
"Self Portrait" Pastel - 2003

Marti Nash favors acrylic and pastel painting, but also enjoys printmaking and pottery. Her latest artwork includes plaster casting, where she attaches the cast to a canvas. If you are interested in buying a piece from Marti, or commissioning one done (such as portraiture or casting) - please contact her by phone or email.

Marti's Art

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Animated Mailbox Opening and Closing

"Holding On" 2001
plaster cast on canvas - with acrylic
Inspired by events on Sept.11, 2001

Holding On - plaster cast on canvas, with acrylic - 2001

Why "Holding On" Was Created:

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